You’ve got questions. We have answers. We can even help with your taxes!
(JK, please don’t take tax advice from anyone but your accountant 🤓) 

What do you shoot with?

Gear is always changing, but we shoot with 4k or higher cinema grade cameras. We love to bring a mix of prime fixed focal length lenses and zoom lenses. The faster the better for superior low light performance and to get those awesome bokeh shots everyone loves! 


If you love the nerdy details as much we do, come to our consultation meeting with even more questions! But if even a little of the above sounds like gibberish, just know that at the end of the day, we bring professional gear that is up-to-date and produces amazing cinematic images.


And no matter what your Uncle Bob says, getting amazing shots is more about the artist than the gear - that is why you're hiring us!

Do you bring back up gear?

Yes! We always have a standby camera body just in case we have a failure. The same goes for Hard Drives. We shoot with multiple lenses and have more than fit on our cameras at any given moment so if something happens with one lens, we have more to use.


We know how important every moment is and take being prepared very seriously!

What happens if Zack gets sick or injured?

Well first of all, we will all be doing this 😭. Next, we will make calls to our network of like-minded creative professionals and make sure your day is covered - there will be no downtime, no extra cost, and most of all, you won't have to worry about a thing! 

I hear Zack is a skilled carpenter, is that true?

More than true. But he loves making wedding films even more! Feel free to ask him about how to create a box-joint. 

Your packages look great, but what about X?

Our packages fit almost every situation based on our experience, but if you have a special request that isn't included, reach out! We love to do what we can to accommodate everything you hope for in your wedding film. 

What about travel? Glad you asked! See below.

Do you travel to film weddings?

You bet! 


We aren't going to nickel and dime your Northern Michigan wedding. If you are within 60 miles of Charlevoix, there is no additional cost to travel to you. If you are having a destination wedding or engagmenet and you'd like Promise to be there, we just ask you cover travel costs. But let us know, we love a good adventure!!